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 The benevolence of our team, our speakers and our volunteers is therefore essential to build the confidence of the participants, day after day.


Gattegnio trainer

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The Gattegnio, KESAKo pedagogy?

Our community restaurant, located in the Maisons neuves district of Lyon, is open to everyone, from Tuesday to Friday, from noon to 2pm.


 The benevolence of our team, our speakers and our volunteers is therefore essential to build the confidence of the participants, day after day.

Public & prerequisites


Who is the training for?

The training is aimed at any refugee or applicant  asylum seeker wishing to learn French, regardless of initial level.


Motivation, commitment and attendance are essential prerequisites.

Dates & Places


Where and when do the training take place?

The current session takes place from September 13, 2021 to December 11, 2021. The workshops take place at 13 bis rue Girié, 69003 Lyon.

The dates of the next session will be communicated later. 



How much does it cost ?

The training is free.



What is the content of the training?

Par semaine : 

  • 10 heures de cours FLE

  • 4 heures d'ateliers cuisine

  • 2 heures d'ateliers culturels

  • 2 heures d'ateliers expression artistique et travaux manuels

  • 2 heures d'ateliers "projet de vie"

  • 2 heures d'atelier numérique

  • 2 heures d'atelier d'apprentissage du vélo

Educational objectives


What are the objectives ?

  • Améliorer son niveau de français 

  • Favoriser l'intégration sociale et culturelle

  • Gagner en autonomie et en pouvoir d'agir

  • Réamorcer la confiance en soi et se remobiliser

  • Sortir de l'isolement

  • Favoriser l'intégration sociale et culturelle

Réunion d'information collective

Icône circulaire Mail

Comment inscrire une personne ?

Envoyez-nous vos coordonnées nous vous contacterons pour vous transmettre la date de la réunion d'information collective. Cette réunion est obligatoire pour s'inscrire à la future session.

Prochaine date : 3 janvier 2024 de 11h à 12h

the objectives of the project

Daniel, 18, Iranian

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"  I arrived in France a year ago now. I am here with my family. Four months ago my brother told me about ERIS and he told me that it was good to be able to learn to speak French, so I was very motivated. I really like being here because I can speak French and improve myself every day and that's important to me. I like cooking as much as the French lessons. I can meet people too, and I would love to be able to play soccer with all the people who are here.  "

Rabia, Lebanese

“I am Lebanese, I grew up in Beirut where I was a physics teacher. I left Lebanon two years ago. I have a lot of passion, like painting. I like to draw portraits in acrylic. I also like sewing and cooking. I got to know ERIS thanks to my friend Thomas who is Iraqi whom I met here in Lyon in January and who told me about the association. Then I came with him here and I met Carole and Méganne. I then wanted to take French lessons. I really enjoyed the time spent at ERIS. I liked the cooking, the lessons and the Gattegno method which is great for learning the language quickly. For me Eris is synonymous with brotherhood, love and family. I want to say thank you very much to ERIS. " 

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Informations Formation
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